Why should I Join a Parish?

Registration is the official way we join a parish community. Many people think that because they attend a particular parish they automatically belong. Membership requires signing up and formally enrolling yourself in the parish. But it is also more than just filling out some forms. Registration is a commitment to a community, a way to be included in the religious, social and ministerial activities of a parish.

Your registration affects the parish in many ways. Census numbers can determine how many priests are assigned to a parish, what benefits and obligations the community has to the archdiocese, and how many Masses and programs are planned and scheduled.

Registration not only shows you belong, but may be necessary for certain benefits, like scheduling sacraments, obtaining sponsor certificates, participating in religious education programs and getting donation statements for tax purposes. At times young adults who have moved away for years think they are still registered under their parents. Or sometimes previously registered parishioners join another parish, or are inactive for a long period of time, but assume they are still registered here. When they want to come back to receive a sacrament, such as baptism or marriage, or perhaps enroll a child in the religious education program, they find that they are no longer registered here and must begin the process over.

Committing to a parish is much like a commitment to a family, sports team, school or community organization. Just like you want the parish to be there to provide Masses, Sacraments, education programs and ministries, the parish needs to be able to count on you to help and assist in their mission; to be an active member.

Are you registered with us? One way to know is if you receive regular communications from us, such as offertory envelopes, newsletters or emails. If you do not receive at least one of these, then perhaps you are not registered here, you may want to check with the parish office staff.

Registering in the parish is a statement of faith and confidence in the life and work of our parish. As parish members, we are all here to help each other on our spiritual journey; we don’t want to do this alone. As much as you need us, we need you too. You may come to the parish office or see an usher or greeter at the Mass you attend.

To begin the process of registration, fill out the form below and a representative from the parish office will contact you to complete the process.

What is expected of parish members:
Here are the minimums that are expected of parish members (Catholics):

  • Participate at Mass on Sundays, and also on the holy days of obligation.
  • Go to Confession at least once a year
  • Receive Communion at least once a year during the Easter season.
  • Join in fast and abstinence during Lent
  • Provide for the support of the Church through monetary gifts and/or active service.

Are you a non-practicing Catholic?

Curious about revisiting your Catholic roots? Whether you are motivated by a spirit of inquiry, or are seeking a return to the Sacraments, St. Veronica Parish can help you achieve a greater understanding of the Gospel and God’s unrelenting love for us.

Are you non-Catholic?

Welcome! You may be curious about our beliefs and practices, may wish to join us for the various activities of the parish (such as the lecture series) or are interested in experiencing our liturgical life. In all instances, our priests and parishioners will be most willing to answer your questions.

If you do choose to attend a Mass without someone from the local community guiding you, in most parishes there will be some kind of prayer card or book available to help you follow the service and take part in the prayers. There is only one restriction: when Holy Communion is distributed, guests who are not yet members of the Catholic Church are asked to refrain from receiving communion: you may either remain in your place, or join the queue and come forward to receive a blessing, indicating this by folding your arms in the form of an X over your chest.

“Jesus Christ loves you; He gave His life to save you; and now He is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you.”

- Pope Francis

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Becoming a Catholic

You might be reading this page because you are curious about what is involved in becoming a Catholic, or because you firmly desire to join the Catholic Church. Either way, we wish to assure you that at no stage will the Catholic Church put you under any pressure to sign up and become a full member. In fact, you may find the process of becoming a Catholic somewhat slower than you would like… because membership involves making a firm committment to God and to the local Catholic community, and is not to be undertaken lightly!

It's ok to be new!

Feel like the new kid on the block? We’ll help you get started. If you have never been to a Catholic church, welcome! If you are new to the area, welcome! If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church for awhile, welcome back! We’re glad you are here no matter who you are.

Saint Veronica is a caring, vibrant community. Having been brought together by Christ, our mission is to respond to the universal call to holiness by living in the service of the Gospel. All who round the corner of Alida Way, find connection, prayer, healing, growth, and love. Get plugged into our community, it’s not the same without you.