Marriage FAQ

Convalidation of Marriage
Convalidation is for couples who have been civilly married for more than 2 years but are looking to validate their marriage in the Roman Catholic Church. If you have questions about the best program for your preparation of the Sacrament of Marriage, please contact the office.

“Couples already civilly married are not coming to the Catholic Church for a “blessing of their marriage.” They are consenting to become a sacramental couple in the sight of the Catholic community. A sacramental marriage is an ongoing journey that begins on the day of your Convalidation and lasts a lifetime. It involves the married couples’ relationship with God and the Church community as they strive daily to live their sacramental promise.”

(Taken from Picture of Love: Convalidation Workbook)

All Catholics should be married in the Roman Catholic Church. Any person who has been previously married in the Church or civilly married, and whose previous spouse is still alive, regardless of civil divorce or civil annulment, is not free to marry in the Church. These people should seek a church declaration of nullity of marriage. If you are in need of an annulment, contact one of the Priests in the parish who will arrange advocacy.

"The Sacrament of [Marriage] signifies the union of Christ and the Church. It gives spouses the grace to love each other with the love with which Christ has loved His Church"

(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1661)

Other Questions about Marriage

Certainly. There are some requirements you should be attentive to: (a) you need to talk with your pastor and receive permission to marry at a parish other than your own, (b) your home parish is responsible to prepare you for the sacraments, and (c) we ask that one of your parish priests (or another priest of your choosing, e.g., a family friend) be the celebrant at the wedding ceremony.

If you live within the St. Veronica Area, you are welcome to register with us. If you live outside of this area, contact your local parish for all sacramental preparation.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco requires that preparation begin no less than 6 months prior to the date of the wedding. There are many times of the year that the requests far outpace the dates and times available. Generally speaking, the average is 12-18 months before marriage.
If you are a member of another parish, there are several things you need to do as described above. Once we receive a written commitment from your parish, a date can be set.

Perhaps a better way to answer the question is to recommend that you finish the preparation process 30-45 days before the wedding date. Then you can decide to start based on other things in your life, e.g., business travel, holidays, academic semesters, and other important events in your life. In any case, the Diocese requires that preparation begin no less than 6 months prior to the date of the wedding.

The fee for all weddings is $1,500. This fee includes an hour rehearsal the previous evening, and the ceremony time on your wedding day. It also includes a coordinator who will be present at the rehearsal and during your wedding.

Yes, as mentioned above, we provide a coordinator to assist at the rehearsal and the ceremony. The coordinator works to help direct and facilitate the little details of your celebration, e.g. to work with your florists, photographers, videographers, etc. once they arrive at the church, to help with the “do’s and don’ts,” and let you enjoy the celebration without worrying about processions, seating, or other details of the wedding day. Our coordinators have worked with most Bay area wedding professionals (florist, photographers, videographers, planners, etc.).

Yes, our Director of Music is both an accomplished organist and vocalist. In addition, several other musicians from local Catholic parishes also assist us from time to time. We schedule one of them to provide musical and vocal accompaniment for your wedding. The fee for musical and cantor accompaniment is $250. This is in addition to the above wedding fees.

Yes. Please click here for information on placement of flowers, as well as the use and placement of video equipment and other photography during weddings.

It means that not only do you hold true all that the Catholic Church teaches and proclaims, but that you are active in worship and liturgical celebrations of the Church.

For more information about live streaming in Church during liturgical celebrations and other occasions, click here.