Photography and Videography Guidelines

The Church is a place of sacred worship as well as joyful celebration! We understand the desire to memorialize special religious occasions with photos and videos. We ask that you please plan ahead and follow our guidelines for taking amateur or professional pictures or videos within the Church during ceremonies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!


You are welcome to have a photographer and/or videographer present at your wedding. He/she must be bonded and insured. Prior to the wedding, please have a conversation with the photographer regarding their responsibility in following these guidelines.

Please remind photographers, videographers and guests with cameras that there is no flash photography allowed during the ceremony. Video camera placement must be near the statues of Mary and Saint Joseph – the Wedding Coordinator will assist with logistics. After the ceremony, a period of 30 minutes maximum is set aside for pictures. Please provide your photographer/videographer with this information so they will be familiar with the Church’s expectations.


You have the option of arranging your own flowers brought into the Church on the day of the wedding, or if available, using the Church-provided flowers designated for the weekend Masses. If you arrange for your own flowers, however, we ask that attention be given to flowers befitting that of a sacred space. You may order flowers from a florist, and remove them from the Church following your wedding. The dropping or throwing of flower petals (real or silk) by a flower girl is not permitted.

Special considerations are in place for flowers at weddings taking place during the liturgical seasons of Lent and Advent.  The Wedding Coordinator will assist with these considerations.


Similar guidelines are in place.

There is limited time for photography after the Baptism. Be aware that preparations for a liturgy after the Baptism may commence as soon as the Baptism ends.

Photographing Youth

Families of students have the ability to decline photos of their minor children. Please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator or Principal in charge of the occasion you wish to photograph or video to ascertain which students may not be photographed.

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Live-streaming is available

Contact the office for availability and pricing.


In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re proud to continue offering Live Streaming Funeral Services to help keep our communities safe while connecting loved ones.


Live-streaming Services are available for your wedding to help connect family and friends who are not able to attend your special event.